International Members Club

For Those Accustomed To Excellence...

Catering to the most financially, intellectually, and professionally elite social circles in the entire world, SEI is the elite matchmaking / dating venue and private club for those accustomed to excellence. Providing a convenient variety of services for Club Members globally, specializing in deluxe matchmaking, dating (matched-dating) contemporary art , Investment and luxury services is our expertise. We act for a select group of educated, refined and successful international clients who give their best in all they do and who, in return, only wish to receive the best; Catering to clients who will not compromise in any area of their life.

Our distinctive standards ensure that you always experience the quality you’ve come to expect in a world-class service when working with the SEI Club. With direct connection to internationally acclaimed artists and art we offer access to some of the most captivating, authentic contemporary art available. Best of all, our especially unique matchmaking and dating (matched-dating) provide you with a sincere and meaningful relationship while giving you the freedom of private, risk-free dating and matched-introductions.

Here at SEI, we understand the deeper meaning and value of having truly thriving relationships, especially when it comes to meaningful dating, long lasting relationships, and potentially, a great marriage. This highly valued understanding is irreplaceable when combined with our expertise, ability, commitment, and high code of ethics.

We match our customers with the most competitive contemporary art leads, most compatible soul-mates and finest life luxuries. Our services are professional, reliable and luxuriously pleasurable.

SEI is a positive force, intensely committed to serving our members honestly and enjoyably. Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful and meaningful. We honor commitment to our members as we covet long-term relationships of trust and endurance. Experience for yourself a membership of obvious distinction…


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