“In a world where meaningful connections are often elusive, the SEI Club provides a haven for those who seek excellence in all aspects of their lives…SEI Club offers a true blend of love and luxury that goes beyond the ordinary.”USA Today

“SEI Club is private members dating club aimed at creating the right connections for those looking to find the perfect companion, largely at those within the fast-paced bubble of the corporate sector, the business world, and even those who we would label as celebrities.”  – Haute Living

“The matchmakers themselves are highly qualified professionals, holding doctorates in psychology and bringing extensive experience in dating, coaching, and relationships to the table. Their expertise goes beyond simply identifying compatible profiles; they act as trusted advisors, guiding members through the complexities of dating and relationship dynamics with confidence and grace.” Gulf Times

“To say SEI Club is merely a matchmaking service would be an understatement. As a Private Members Club, they also provide luxury travel, contemporary art, and investment services to the exceptionally elite. The Club’s elite Matchmakers often hold PhDs in psychology or have similarly impressive credentials that allow them to succeed at placing the right couples together for lasting, romantic relationships.” – LA Entertainment Weekly

“The exclusive member’s club matches like minded members who splash out on trips to Paris, Michelin starred restaurants and dinners at Soho House for the first date. They’re walking in the footsteps of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who famously had their blind date at London’s Soho House, while the Duchess spent her hen do at the company’s Oxfordshire retreat Soho Farmhouse.” – UK SUN

“SEI Club has a high success rate when finding such matches, 98% and over, and part of that success must be attributed to the quality of their work…This process goes way beyond anything else on the market and the process that leads to full membership is extensive.” – LA Tribune 

“SEI Club does open the world up to those who may have neglected a critical aspect of their lives, who need help slowing down and relaxing for a while, for those who might wish to find a better work-life balance. It reminds one that life is there to be lived. It also reminds you that life is more fun when individuals have the perfect partners by their sides.” – Vents Magazine 

“SEI Club has an excellent reputation…When we match a happy couple, they tell their friends for life and this keeps a constant flow of new members seeking a similar connection.” – VOYAGE LA 

“The members we admit often are fairly open-minded and understand the value of other humans…they tend not to see people as “objects,” so rather than it being about “shopping,” its more about the club providing a risk-free experience for members who are a great fit.” – Yahoo Lifestyle

“Finding the right partner is, for many, one of the most important aspects of personal life, and so they need to trust an organization that truly understands the gravitas for the process.”  – Ocean Drive Magazine

“The Club also ensures that any eligible match will be with someone with similarly refined tastes, views on the world around them, and comparable deeper values.” – Seekers Time

“Today, they are the go-to matchmaking service for high-flyers, professional classes, and elite customers worldwide.”Baltimore Post

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