SEI CLUB Reviews

SEI Club is a positive force. Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful. Please find some testimonials and feedback below. It is an honor and pleasure to serve you.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, SEI Club is perfect for you. – Charlie Coyle NHL Hockey Player, Boston  Click here for video review

If you’re looking to meet your perfect lover, partner, and friend…SEI Club might be exactly what you need… -NFL Quarterback, Drew Bledsoe

I think you may have done it……it’s only been two days but so far it’s looking pretty, pretty pretty good!!!! Thank you so much for matching us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sweet, smart, a great talker and is just damn cool!!! -M. New York

I like M. so much!  I’m excited about him. Thank you so, so much! -D. Chicago

Very kind and we really got to know each other, had a 5 hr zoom call. I really liked he was in his early 40’s, he understands psychology, he is very intelligent and he understands the importance of a close family. -J. Florida 

We just had very good chemistry and almost identical values and spoke for over 4 hours. Very down to earth, friendly and fun.  Great values and family. -J.S. Los Angeles

She’s beautiful and has a lot of culture and depth to her, was very easy to talk to. I didn’t dislike anything about her – R. Chicago

It went way better than I had expected! It was easy to keep up with the conversation and R. was very engaging. An hour flew by without us noticing the time, which was a good sign of a successful FaceTime chat haha.  R. is very well spoken, well mannered and seems to be an interesting person. He’s travelled enough and seems to be well rounded, which I like. He seems to have life outside his job, which is great. He’s also very polite and seems to be family oriented, which is a big plus for me. –A. Florida

It was absolutely wonderful meeting L. I had a great time as I felt a good connection and found her very easy to talk to. Beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, wonderful, and very easy-going demeanor, genuine personality. I did not dislike anything. -M.C. San Diego

He was open, honest and funny.  I liked that he was confident and yet was engaged in the conversation.  We talked on various topics from baseball, golf, family, and cuisine, to being in a good place in life right now. -D. Los Angles

All the traits you shared in the initial profile matched well and he has a lot of great qualities. Very smart, broad scope of knowledge, easy to talk to, fit and athletic, good personality and caring. I love that he is into history, reading, sports, active, well-traveled, works out regularly, caring, considerate, good listener, interesting and overall a good gentleman. He has that dominant masculine energy and is very interesting.  -N. Boston

He is interesting and charming, and we will probably continue to talk. The meeting went very well. -I.A. New York

She’s very warm and caring person, also truly driven to achieve her goals, intelligent, just an all around fascinating person. -N. Colorado

He is clearly accomplished and does a lot of good work. Easy, easy conversation. Not difficult for a second. He was smart and funny and interesting conversation. Charming, academic, smart, likes quiet time, well-traveled, sophisticated. C.K. Toronto