Adding Value to Your Life...One Masterpiece at a Time

Welcome to the private art acquisition venue for those accustomed to excellence. You’ll find us a highly regarded venue through which you may access exceptional contemporary art directly from a group of carefully selected artists, dealers, galleries and members. We act for a select group of educated, refined, successful, international clients who give their best in all they do and who in return only wish to receive the best. Representing the most financially elite social circles in the entire world, ours are clients that many companies would relish in the honor to serve. Hence we value and appreciate our clients very much. One of the many ways by which we create and add special value to their already extraordinarily affluent lives, is by enabling direct access to some of the world’s most captivating, authentic contemporary art available.

Quality, rarity and value are, of course, preliminary considerations when choosing the absolute finest art to offer our members; however, the grandest value of the art we carefully choose lies in its ability to precisely portray and capture a glimpse of the truth of this world-existence and reality. When an unaltered truth is shown in all its accuracy and purity, you find that it is always of profound, breathtaking beauty. Any work of art that evokes this sense of awe, inspiration and magic provides its viewer with the inspiration, confidence and deep sense of knowing which allows its possessor to conquer the subsequent tasks, duties and goals of his being. This is the magic and power of true art…it is here where art’s utmost value and excellence lies…THIS is the world-class inspiration for which we serve our members and the highest affluent elite art community.

Enormous aesthetic and financial benefits have been reached in buying emerging artists’ and Contemporary Work. Precisely relevant to our current time, trends and themes, these tend to appreciate at a significantly faster rate. When considering contemporary art as an investment, in addition to potential financial appreciation, the greatest gain is how a beautiful painting always evokes a sense of miraculous reward in your heart. Its ability to evoke a deep sense of fulfillment defines the joy of owning art- Be it your first time purchase or a special addition to your existing personal / corporate collection.

Our exclusive, private venue contains a specifically chosen group of institutional and private collectors, dealers and artists for your pleasure. The most advantageous exclusivity is, of course, our private, members only auctions. These auctions allow members to directly purchase art from each others’ collections as well as perhaps place some of their own valuable contemporary art up for bids. Again, the enormous affluence of SEI Art members makes for a highly prestigious group of art purchasers and acquaintances.

As we’re sure you know, much fine museum quality contemporary art becomes more precious with time, yet, the best advice is always the same: make visual pleasure and quality the benchmarks of your buying so you are certain to derive a deep satisfaction from the piece.

Representing artists of superior mastery, and catering to members of the absolute highest professional, financial, and cultural affluence, experience for yourself the deeply satisfying joy of owning SEI Contemporary Art…


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