Carlos Guzman

Carlos Guzman is one of the most imaginative and creative artists in Cuba… His ample work opens up a side of himself that’s a mixture of the real and surreal, past and future and where time gives a hand to a special magic that invents the fate of machinery, objects and situations. He transforms them with his talent and creates works that strangely attract you like a potent magnet….

Carlos Guzman is one of the most representative artists of contemporary Cuban visual arts. His speech is very personal, and denotes an undeniable talent. He excels in unlimited imagination that seems to come from the world of dreams.

Since breaking into the panorama of Cuban visual arts late eighties, Carlos Guzman (Havana 1970) has traveled different paths. His constant searching and restless spirit led him to serve as a draftsman, painter, sculptor, art instructor, gallery owner, art teacher and illustrator of publications.