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For Those Accustomed To Excellence...

Welcome to the World’s Most Elite Dating Club.

Here at SEI Club we understand the meaning and value of having thriving relationships. 

Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful.

As an international private members club, SEI Club is perfect for you if you prefer an especially selective, private, elite dating service that provides only the highest quality, matched introductions. 

Over the past 14 years our executives have worked closely with established professionals, Forbes billionaires, hedge fund managers, successful entrepreneurs, entertainment industry moguls, fashion models, and other such exceptional gentlemen and women in their private lives.

As a gentleman member you are always introduced to only the highest quality women…. Beautiful women who are kind, warm, autonomous…women who embody true beauty inside and outside…women with whom you will enjoy relaxing and spending your time. The only kind of woman with whom you’d really want to enjoy a meaningful relationship…

And if you are a woman member you’ll appreciate that SEI Club gentlemen members are intelligent, established, successful, and interested in being with a special woman who is genuine and caring…Indeed, ours are members that many would relish in the honor to serve. Thus we value and appreciate our members tremendously. You’ll agree that SEI Club gentlemen members are some of the most desirable singles around…This is the perfect venue to meet a wonderful gentleman with whom you can build a beautiful relationship…

Prior to beginning your elite dating, we schedule an in-person consultation to get a better understanding of your matchmaking and dating preferences and goals. We listen to everything you tell us you prefer in a partner and in life – and then introduce you to suitable matches accordingly. Whether you are looking to settle down fairly quickly or if you prefer to simply date and see where it goes, we have you covered. 

You’ll find that being an SEI Club member is great fun. You meet and date only those potential matches that you will truly adore – this saves you time and adds another dimension of enjoyment to your already full life.

Here at SEI Club our goal is to make life more beautiful, peaceful, balanced, and meaningful. We honor our members as it is a true joy and privilege to facilitate fun, meaningful, lasting relationships for them.

Experience for yourself a service of obvious distinction.

What to expect with SEI Club elite dating:

We Preserve Your Privacy:

Given the high caliber and social status of SEI Club members, here at SEI Club elite dating we protect your privacy throughout your entire elite dating experience. A staggering array of some of the world’s most well-known and well respected gentlemen and women have enjoyed and relied on our private dating services to find someone with whom they can enjoy a deeply rewarding relationship.

Best of all, you can comfortably participate in the club’s luxurious, fun, elite dating services in total confidence that your private life will always remain private. And of course, as a private members club, we do not store member data online.

All your dates are verified:

One of the great things about SEI Club elite dating is the fact that we’ve met and extensively communicated with any and every fellow member you are being introduced to. Our private, elite dating club has become an emblem of trust internationally. You know that when we tell you that someone graduated from a certain university, and he/she is a certain age, height, and has a certain personality disposition, it’s all true. We have already verified and pre-qualified all members you meet, so you can enjoy a reliable, especially rewarding elite dating experience. SEI Club – elite dating you can trust.

Fellow members have passed rigorous screening to ensure eligibility:

An elite dating club is only as exceptional as its members. Here at SEI Club each member is highly regarded both in his or her field but also in terms of character and personality. SEI Club members are good people.

To ensure that you experience endless delight as a member, we always screen and pre-qualify all your dates. Initial screening criteria includes physical attractiveness and fitness, positive moral values, a balanced, well-adjusted, optimistic outlook, and a well-rounded, single who is accomplished and a winner in every way (mentally, emotionally, physically)…someone with whom you can enjoy a healthy, meaningful, beautiful relationship, partnership and intimacy.



With all the dating websites, what makes your website  different from the others?

SEIClub.com is the official website of the private, international members club, SEI Club.

At SEI Club, we understand the deeper meaning and value of having truly happy, fulfilling, inspiring life and thriving relationships.  

Our mission is simple and clear, to make life more:

  • Peaceful
  • Balanced
  • Beautiful
  • Meaningful

SEI Club matchmaking and dating encompasses a deeper understanding of life and relationships.  For instance, all of us are  on a continuous process and journey in life…We are all on a quest for happiness, and in this process, we are also continuously learning more about how to be deeply happy, content individuals.  

As concerns the quest for happiness,  to experience real happiness one must have mental/emotional, physical health, financial success, and meaningful, supportive, loving relationships….Since humans are social creatures, a meaningful, supportive, loving, inspiring relationship is imperative for happiness. This has been scientifically documented for men and women alike. More importantly, such relationships are essentially catalysts and  accelerators to reach full and meaningful joy and completion of oneself.

Our network is comprised of some of the most accomplished, elite, yet also personally and conscientiously positive singles who are seeking a rewarding, inspiring relationship with someone who is an excellently matched, potential lover, partner, and friend.

With the regards to our members:

We specialize in bringing together loving, emotionally and physically fit, mutually supportive, respectful, and happy life partners who both share a positive and balanced outlook on life.

Whom we invite to join the Club: 

We invite  single men, who are accustomed to excellence in every aspect of life…gentlemen who appreciate the company of beautiful, captivating woman…Gentlemen in search of exceptional women who want to love and be loved in return…

And we invite beautiful, charming, sophisticated, women who are a genuine success in their own rights…Women who appreciate an intelligent, attractive, successful and sophisticated yet genuine man… Someone who brings a smile to her face at the mere thought of him…

How It Works: 

SEI Club is a members club that specializes in luxury services for the ultra-affluent and exceptionally beautiful elite. As the most exclusive matchmaking and dating club, all members first initiate their application to be considered for membership…to make sure that this truly is a good fit for them and that they will find what they are seeking through the club’s services.

While many new members come in through membership referrals (from members who have enjoyed or are presently enjoying the club’s services), we also accept new members who are not necessarily coming through referrals. This helps to expand, and more importantly, to diversify the membership pool so members can enjoy meeting new gentlemen and women whom they have not yet encountered in their elite, global, social sphere.

At SEI Club we meet all members in person. We screen not only for physical attractiveness and accomplishments, but also for internal attractiveness, character and personality. Is this particular person at a healthy, positive place in his/her life? Would this person be able to truly enjoy a healthy, meaningful, fulfilling relationship with another equally amazing person if given the opportunity? What is this person’s general outlook and view on Life? What are the deeper values that guide this person’s daily life and social interactions / relationships as a whole?

Such deeper character considerations (independent of the obvious requirements to cover membership fees) ultimately make for an incredibly positive matchmaking and dating experience for all SEI Club members. This means that SEI Club members are not just some of the most eligible, global singles, but they are also positive, balanced individuals – this makes the club the absolutely highest quality dating venue in the world.

How long have you been match making?

SEI Club executives, shareholders and partners have been working  (off and online) with the ultra-affluent in the area of their private dating lives, finances, and other such luxury services for over 15 years.

What are some characteristics that are used to determine how to match up your clients?

We always consider the most basic premises of the member’s personal preferences first. For instance, their matchmaking and dating preferences regarding such things as age, height, location, religion, how they envision their ideal future in terms of lifestyle and relationship goals and so forth. Assuming those most basic preferences match, we then determine deeper compatibility points such as interests, how they enjoy their free time, and of course personality traits. Rarely does it make sense to introduce the life of the party to a quieter, more reserved person…we know when such an introduction makes sense and when it doesn’t…given each member’s holistic profile encompassing everything they’ve shared with us during their consultation.

Since we hold an in-depth consultation for all members, we know enough about their personalities and character to introduce them to like minded matches whom they will very much enjoy meeting. Our filtration process is incredibly effective. Not only does it save time for members, but it also ensures that every match they meet through the club is someone with whom they will have enough in common that they will truly enjoy meeting each other.

After matching the clients, what is the next process?

Once we have seen that two members could be a great match for each other, we contact them to tell them about each other. Once they both want to meet each other we set up an introduction for them both in the form of a date. All they do is show up and have a great time. We then follow up to get any feedback…would they like to exclusively explore that potential relationship or did they enjoy themselves and are still open to meeting new matches while they explore that potential relationship…its completely up to each member to decide how they want to engage in and enjoy their dating lives. We are simply here to support their natural inclinations and make sure they have an incredible private life – as they define what incredible means for them.

(Option to Answer) What is the average length of a relationship after the couple experiences a date with one another?

This is the real world…so we have everything. Some gentlemen and woman are simply looking to date and see where it goes while others are ready to meet “the one,” and settle down. We have facilitated relationships that result in marriage, children, and living happily ever after and we have facilitated relationships that are massively passionate and last a few months… It strictly depends on what each member is looking for – we then introduce them to fellow members seeking the same relationship. The result is a plethora of fulfilling relationships that perfectly suit each individual member’s preferences at that time. If they request any changes, we accommodate those as well.

We provide dating and matchmaking services to single gentlemen and women only. From  low-pressure singles dating to gentlemen and women seeking marriage and/or a long-term lasting relationship. We are overjoyed when members find what they are looking for.

Are there any clients that are looking for dating only and not a relationship?

Yes. Some people are generally interested in a long-term relationship, but prefer to find that by lower-pressure dating. Other people have had their fill of dating and so are really looking to settle down with someone special rather than casually date. We serve both.

What if a client wants to have a date for a particular upcoming event, is it possible to accommodate them for that occasion?

No. SEI Club is a matchmaking and dating service for attractive, accomplished single gentlemen and women. If someone wants to take a fellow member they’ve met to an event, they’d have to make those plans together once they’ve already been seeing each other through the club.

Before becoming a member, are there any specific requirements that the person applying must meet?

All SEI Club members are attractive, fit, accomplished, and truly positive, healthy, balanced, well-adjusted individuals who have a positive outlook and positive moral values. Given their affluence and sophistication, paired with the additional screening to ensure everyone is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted individual, SEI Club is by far the most exceptional venue for elite gentlemen and women to find someone special. Our membership standards define the experience and create an incomparable place for members to date. There is no comparison.

I saw that you have a section for men and women that are 50+ years of age, I think that is a great addition to your matchmaking website.

Yes, there are many  exceptional gentlemen and women who are in the 50+ age group. Taking into account the social circles and caliber of single gentlemen and women we represent, we are also aware that many times age is just a number…Often, given progress in science, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, people look, feel, and act much younger than their “calendar age.”  Sometimes they are looking to date younger, others prefer to date within an age group that is closer to them, some prefer to date older…It all depends on the individuals match-dating and lifestyle preferences…. Overall, SEI Club has members between the ages of 20’s-70’s+. No matter what your age, assuming all other qualifications are in place, you’ll have an incredible, deeply rewarding experience. 

I’ve been on a few of the these dating websites, I always find fake profiles, inactive accounts, and people who are non-responsive. With your website, is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Since we are a private members club (not a dating site per se), we only offer introductions between active members. So, if someone is not presently available as a potential match, we do not contact another member with that person’s information.  This again is one of the ways in which SEI Club is a tremendous time saver for club members, while also providing the best quality dating service available.

I went to your website and was browsing around, is it even possible for clients to view the women or men that they will possibly be dating?

One of the reasons many high caliber individuals prefer SEI Club as a matchmaking and dating club is because we preserve their privacy. While we do have a few sample profiles for public viewing, very few members would agree to place their profiles for public view (many members cannot participate in online dating sites because their profiles would end up on the tabloid pages in a matter of minutes). However, once a member joins, of course they see photos of potential matches. SEI club dating is not blind. Before facilitating an introduction, we ensure that both people have seen and are attracted to each other. This, in addition to the deeper matching and prescreening, we do on behalf of members, contributes to facilitating such an enjoyable and successful dating experience for all club members.

Before your clients meet, are there any rules, regulations, or restrictions that you ask of your clients?

Absolutely. Given the caliber of members, as a private members club all members are required to sign confidentiality clauses (to preserve the privacy of fellow members they might meet and date). We also have standard dating etiquette requirements to ensure that all members “behave” on their dates. Given the quality of SEI Club members, these rules are mere formalities that all members sincerely appreciate. Our only aim is to provide a positive, high quality, private, elite dating experience where all members can feel 100% secure to thoroughly enjoy themselves and their private dating lives.

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