Mission Statement

SEI Club is a positive force.

Here at SEI Club, we understand the deeper meaning and value of having truly thriving relationships (for each and every one of us). We specialize in bringing together loving, emotionally and physically fit, mutually supportive, respectful, and happy life partners who both share a positive and balanced outlook on life.

Our mission is to make life more:

  • Peaceful
  • Balanced
  • Beautiful
  • Meaningful

We strive, together with you, to provide you with the highest quality, (above and beyond all expectations) private matchmaking and dating service for those accustomed to excellence.

These highly valued understanding and principles are irreplaceable when combined with our expertise, ability, commitment, and high code of ethics.

Our process is solid and reliable.

Members’ privacy is a cornerstone of SEI Club policy.

In the Age of the Internet, where obtaining private information has become common, SEI Club exercises extraordinary caution to avoid the potential direct or indirect leak of information that might undermine the privacy of its members.