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Date Women Your Same Age

Private. Exclusive. Matched-Dating.

Welcome to SEI Club’s Same Age Matched-Dating

Here at SEI Club we understand the deeper meaning and value of having thriving, loving relationships. When two people are in a meaningful, loving relationship they are often happier, more deeply at peace, and feel stronger and more powerful in every aspect of life (extending far beyond their personal relationship to effect nearly every encounter they have in work, love and life)….

They have the love and support of someone who genuinely cares for them…which makes them more balanced, kind, and happier in every aspect of life.

If you prefer to meet and date beautiful women who are cheerful, kind, warm, friendly, intelligent…and who are also quite close to your age, then SEI Club Same Age Matched-Dating is perfect for you. Whether you are in your 20’s, 70’s and every age in between, we match you according to your all of your most prized, personal preferences. You’ll find our matched-dating services incredibly elegant yet practical.

Having invested millions of dollars in finding, recruiting, screening, and vetting some of the world’s most exquisite women, you’ll appreciate that SEI Club provides you with nearly limitless opportunities to meet the Right Person for you…a beautiful, kind, accomplished, intelligent, friendly woman who fits everything you seek in a lover, partner, and friend.

With our extensive, global reach in nearly every major world city, you couldn’t ask for a better selection.

Most importantly, you’ll appreciate that we have the absolute most stringent membership requirements for women members. There are no short-cuts when it comes to admitting women members for our private matchmaking and dating club members:

Not only are all SEI Club women members beautiful, but they are also at a happy, positive place in their lives where they can truly recognize and enjoy the right gentleman when they find him. You’ll agree that only a woman who is at a genuinely positive place in her life is a suitable partner for a gentleman such as yourself. It just feels right.

As you know, an incredible relationship begins with two incredible people. Let our proven, tested, reliable screening process light the way.

Best of all, we meet every SEI Club woman member in person to ensure that her personality, photos and appearance are accurately representative. Each SEI Club woman member is a visual delight…and has a beautiful personality to match.

This means you can easily date with confidence knowing that the profile you found beautiful, reflects an even more beautiful, lovely woman in person. Ours is a service you can count on.

If you are an intelligent, accomplished, positive gentleman who aims to get more out of life and love, then SEI Club’s Same Age Matched-Dating is perfect for you. Simply apply for membership using the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

SEI Club, private matched-dating that spoils you for anything else.


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Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend
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