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Below are some sample profiles of actual, active gentlemen members (currently single and looking to meet someone special through the Club). Please note that while there are no photos included in this member sample here, once you join, you ARE provided with photos of your potential matches (most gentlemen want to know that you find them attractive etc before meeting etc). You’re also given their actual first names before your date. Here at SEI Club we take member privacy very seriously. To preserve privacy, names have been modified or omitted. Please find a small sample of current, single gentlemen members below:



J. is an incredibly attractive, well-dressed, fit, easy-going, successful gentleman who has an optimistic attitude and a “winner’s mentality.” He is tremendous fun to spend time with….J. is intelligent (holds a business degree from a top university), accomplished, strong, and reliable. He enjoys all things from boating and yachting to theater and movies…He is polished yet also masculine and sporty (likes football) – he is the best of both worlds: elite yet down to earth…And of course J. enjoys travelling…from longer getaways to weekend trips down to Miami and more. 
In terms of sports he also enjoys swimming. And of course, being cool as he is, he loves all kinds of music from refined to pop and everything in between… Best of all, J. is at an incredible place in his life where he is firmly established in his career and can enjoy love, life, and laughter with a beautiful woman such as yourself. J. is five words: attractive, intelligent, accomplished, fun, optimistic.



There is a very charming gentleman named Jim. Jim  is incredibly attractive, accomplished…he’s also laid-back and fun. In his late 40’s (49), Jim is tall, fit, very well-dressed and attractive. He has a great sense of humor and knows how to enjoy life. Jim works in finance (he is divorced with 2 kids – all healthy, no drama there).

Successful and elite, in his free time he enjoys working out, fine dining, being social, traveling…and he would love to enjoy all these wonderful aspects of life with a very special woman. Jim is masculine yet refined…He enjoys everything from sports to concerts to theatre and art. He also enjoys adventurous travel like zip lining as much as casual and cool vacations on the beach. Given his kind, sincere personality, there are only nice things to say about Jim.



There is a wonderful gentleman named IK (name released just before date to preserve privacy). He is incredibly successful, and a strong person in every way (mentally, physically etc). Best of all he is optimistic, positive, and very attractive. He has achieved so much in his life (what’s great about him is that he is reliable but also very cool, sociable, and leads an awesome, fun life filled with travel and events).

IK is tall, Caucasian, intelligent, established, and looking to meet someone special for a lasting relationship and eventually children at some point. He is the perfect gentleman to build a relationship with. He is reliable and responsible, but he is also laid-back, confident (sincerely confident and secure, not overbearing in any way 🙂 ). IK loves to travel and goes on a major trip several times a year (this is obviously something he would love to share with his lover, partner, and friend…). He has been to almost every continent and is very well-traveled / global.

IK is the perfect combination of sophisticated and masculine. He is sporty and enjoys snorkeling (goes to all the best beaches), golf, watches football, hockey etc. He is refined and elite yet down to earth and genuine – he enjoys everything from the very best fine dining and five-star plus travel to more casual, experiences like just having fun and having dinner in Chinatown. Since he is so comfortable in his own skin, he is the type of person you can really enjoy life with!

IK is the perfect combination of accomplished, reliable, social, and attractive as a life partner. He is very elite and truly evolved / grown up in all the best ways.



Steve is tall, especially attractive, and incredibly successful in every way (financially, mentally etc). Steve leads an international business and has built and sold several major companies to date (think Google and other such tremendous buyouts etc). He’s incredibly refined but not uptight. He’s also funny, charismatic, confident and loyal. He’s truly the whole package and he leads an awesome life….He is 52 and especially physically attractive (light hair, white skin, dark eyes, incredibly well-dressed). As for his appearance, if he said he were in his 40’s anyone would believe it (he actually looks better than MANY men in their 40’s ….He played in the —————- a while back which clearly did something for his life–long health & physique etc!).

He’s divorced, has 3 kids, and is looking for a secure woman around his age (give or take a few years) who is beautiful, happy, outgoing etc… The woman who ends up with him will inevitably be a VERY happy person and have a wonderful life!



Jeff is an accomplished politician. He’s attractive and incredibly charismatic, Caucasian, tall, with brown eyes. He has an extraordinary intellect yet in private he’s refreshingly relaxed and humorous—one would never know that he takes the ebb and flow of life with such lightness and ease (his accomplishments are so impressive that anyone who doesn’t “know him” would simply expect that he’s somewhat ‘fierce’ in“real-life”). At the end of the day Jeff is strongly academic & accomplished. He’s seeking to meet a highly cultured, globally experienced woman in his age group who is accustomed to a demanding social life yet appreciates a harmonious home. Together, they will find that the world is their stage.



John is in his early 60’s, Caucasian, tall (6ft) and very successful & well-known. He is an international business owner (owns a large financial firm – hundreds of employees etc) and routinely works with the largest banks & companies in the world. He is well educated and graduated from an Ivy League business school. He is divorced and has 2 grown kids.

John is well-traveled and has LIVED in several different countries to date. He speaks English, French, Greek, and Japanese. He has a home in Switzerland but travels throughout Europe and to the US very regularly. He enjoys culture…art, theatre (modern), plays tennis and enjoys water sports. Overall he has a great sense of humor, is kind and patient and is generally a caring, especially successful gentleman!



KS is tall, incredibly successful, very, very physically attractive, he’s also very well-dressed / stylish. KS is partner at a major Law Firm. He’s incredibly successful, charismatic, outgoing, comfortable in his own skin so to speak. He’s also especially elite and established. He enjoys dinner parties and has been invited to White House parties and concerts as well (he enjoys those very much and would love to go with you too at some point I’m sure!). He is also philanthropic (and he’s a Board member on several of the city’s major charity boards).

KS is light-hearted, established, easy going, genuinely confident, polite and very refined. He has three kids (all grown and living on their own) and he is divorced. He’s been divorced for a while and is ready to meet someone for a new, beautiful relationship…KS is a total catch in every way – he is looking for one very special life partner with whom he can enjoy his already amazing life.



Seth is successful, very well-dressed, 6 ft tall, brown hair, Caucasian, with blue eyes. He enjoys the arts, he’s very cultured, and appreciates the finer things in life (loves traveling) and is currently in Berlin for business. He also lived in the US for some time (but he now primarily lives in London). He would most certainly relocate to another city if that’s where his heart took him…he has the freedom to do so.

Seth is privately educated, went to an Art University in London. He’s looking for a woman aged 40’s or older. He’s in his young 50’s, divorced with one child (the child is 9 years old, lives with the mom).

Seth directs his design company…and is looking for “a sophisticated, mature, elegant friend” with whom to enjoy life, travel, art etc…He’s very well-known in his field especially in Europe.

*Note: [Seth routinely hobnobs with celebrities (essential for his industry and business PR) yet is relaxed and down-to-earth in many ways. Seth is not the ideal partner for anyone who is easily “star-struck” when out and about].



Edward is an established lawyer – tall, dark, and handsome type (he’s 6ft, Caucasian, brown hair and eyes). Edward is looking for a lasting relationship with a very special woman (he’s spent a lot of time focusing on his career and he’s at a secure point where he’d really like to get married etc).

Edward is well-educated (attended London School of Economics before going to Law school). He comes across as very polite, well-mannered, refined…and of course he’s cultured (enjoys the arts, theatre, music, history, comedy clubs, politics etc). Great conversationalist (he’s worked in the White House, lunched with Ted Kennedy etc). And of course Edward is fit / athletic (goes jogging regularly and works out). Edward is well-traveled and seeking a meaningful relationship with someone exceptional at this time. 



There is a wonderful gentleman named Tom…Tom is attractive, fit, successful/established, and a secure, confident, optimistic, healthy person. He is an Ivy League educated lawyer who practiced for many years and now no longer needs to work at all…however he has many interests including philanthropy. He regularly volunteers as well (he has a huge heart).

Tom is attractive, energetic, and enjoys travel tremendously (he has seen most of the world…with Paris being one of his favorite cities). Tom is also sophisticated and refined…he enjoys the arts (theatre, opera, musicals). He also appreciates fine art (museums, galleries etc). With a fun sense of humor and real authenticity, Tom is everything you mentioned you prefer in a potential partner. He is secure, has lots of energy, and in many ways is at the prime of his life…Tom enjoys dancing and overall is a happy, healthy, secure, intelligent gentleman who doesn’t take himself or life too seriously and he seems to have great fun (and great success) because of it. With such an optimistic, winning gentleman by your side, life is bound to feel 20xs brighter!



There is a wonderful gentleman named Rich…he is charming, attractive, fit, successful, and loads of fun to be with. He has a warm, authentic personality. Rich is an established entrepreneur and consultant – he is well-rounded and has many interests…he is fit and athletic (enjoys tennis, scuba diving, golf, skiing).

Interestingly, Rich is the perfect combination of masculine yet refined. For instance, on one hand, he enjoys fixing cars, likes live football games, has a motorcycle etc. Yet, he also appreciates the finer arts and cultural pursuits… Plus, he has written successful screenplays and he values photography, theatre/shows, etc…there are so many facets to this gentleman who is so complete / evolved in many ways.

Rich is at a great place in his life where he is seasoned, well-off and well-traveled. He enjoys a weekend holiday away as much as a Broadway show and fine dining. Funny, reliable, strong, and stable, Rich is an amazing catch. If you prefer a true renaissance man, he is perfect for you.


Note: These sample profiles have been slightly modified solely to ensure member privacy (though, they do serve as a genuine sample of current, available gentlemen members looking to meet someone special through us at present). 

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