SEI Club is a private, members club that caters exclusively to the ultra-elite and exceptionally affluent. If you have exceptional, luxurious offerings that might be of interest to our elite network of global members, kindly inquire via email ( about being featured.

We can only share/present services, products, and offers that we sincerely expect our members will enjoy. If you would like to advertise with SEI Club or feature your business to SEI Club Members please contact us via email at Advertise@SEICLUB.COM. We can feature your business, products, or special offers on any of our exclusive website properties in the way that works best and is most appealing for both you and our elite members.


(these stats include our Private Members and Regular Club Members):

  • Mean Net Worth 87.9 MM
  • Median Net Worth: 22.7 MM USD
  • Member Locations: US and European Major Cities contain the highest, most significant concentrations of members
  • 75% Travel Internationally more than 4 times / year
  • 97% Travel nationally more than 4 times / year
  • 80% own or collect original art
  • 88.9% hold high level executive titles in a major company and/or direct/own their own companies

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Find additional member stats here: Member Stats