Genine is mystical, ethereal, beautiful and down to earth. Mature and so loving, no drama, balanced and gentle-hearted, she has the career freedom and flexibility to relocate anywhere and is in her fun 20’s.

At 5’9” tall, her frame is delicate yet strong and she’s fit, eats healthy, and takes great care of herself. Her hazel eyes, gorgeous red locks, and honey skin are a rare and lovely combo. In addition to English she speaks Afrikaans. If you’re empathic, healthy and active (and are no drama also) you two will be a match made in heaven. Genine loves the US and is drawn to Europe also. She went to school in South Africa and found her way to Texas at age 16. She obtained a bachelors in Vegas (International Marketing and business management) and her masters in California (marketing) and easily adapts to living in multiple places including China for some time.

She is a successful Marketing Director for a Plastic Surgeon and also manages another international surgical center. The arts, books, writing, outdoors (her love), working out, being active, animals, new cultures, acting and Charity involvement are her many pleasures. She has a background of so many sports (Netball, basketball, volleyball, track, rugby, and more) so she’s highly athletic and equally artistic and creative (Broadway actress as a child, etc. and published short stories at age 16). She’s gifted, loyal, sensitive, yet blunt, sensual, and oh so caring. Take her for a warm-weather date and include a historical learning experience for a bonus, whatever you do together, Genine will make you feel at home.


A mature, active, romantic gentleman for a beautiful, loving relationship.

Relationship Interests

Long-term relationship
Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend
Marriage (looking to settle down)