Helen is a stunning, statuesque, gregarious woman. She works as a model and fashion designer, and she is very talented in her creative pursuits. When not working, Helen enjoys soaking in the culture that New York City has to offer by visiting museums, fashion exhibitions and shows, the theater, opera, and ballet. She also loves to stay active, going to the gym often. Central Park is one of her favorite places to run and meditate. Helen has lived in Italy for most of her adult life, so she is extraordinarily well travelled and hungry to soak in all of the beauty and culture in the world. She loves to be social and to meet new people and do new things that will enrich her life and help her to learn. She also loves a good meal paired with good Italian wine.

Helen is honest, charming, and very sweet. She is eager to have a family of her own, and knows she would make a wonderful mother and wife. In her late 20s, Helen is very loving and passionate, and has lived a fascinating, full, successful life. She is very intelligent, having attended three different educational institutions and worked for the world’s biggest fashion houses. Now, she wants someone to share her life with. She is looking for a partner who will be like a best friend. Helen will be wonderful with a partner who is as social, charming, and adventurous as she is. She needs someone who enjoys arts, fashion, culture, and nightlife, who is as hungry for knowledge and enrichment as she is. Helen would do well with someone creative, bright, grounded, strong, and well educated. She would be a great match for someone who loves exotic, stunning beauty mixed with a huge heart, creative soul, and passion for life and the world around her.


An intelligent, kind, easy-going gentleman who is looking to love and be loved…

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