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Rita is beautiful, elegant, and extremely thoughtful. Her lean 5’6” frame is gorgeous and toned to perfection. Her green eyes are mesmerizing, sincere, and warm. Rita speaks several languages (including Hebrew and English) and has not only traveled most of the globe but has lived and experienced the culture of many other countries.

Rita’s well rounded, accepting, peaceful aura is a natural result of her varied experiences. Rita is looking for an open minded, easing going, and kind man. If you’re an excellent communicator, you are a great match for Rita.

While Rita has a background in modeling for swimsuits and magazines, she has also found great joy working in a Dental Medical office and is halfway through her studies to be a nurse practitioner.

Rita likes to work out, hike, travel, read, cook, and go to concerts. She also enjoys watching sports such as tennis, basketball and baseball. She is quite skilled on the tennis courts too! She’s optimistic, incredibly healthy, and adores sunny, warm locations like the Bahamas or Hawaii. Rita has a spiritual, earthy, agreeable personality that a very lucky man is going to be amazed to find.


A kind gentleman for a loving, lasting relationship

Relationship Interests

Long-term relationship
Looking for a life partner, lover, and friend
Marriage (looking to settle down)